Police searched Mandic’s house

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The police searched the house of Mandic family this morning in Podgorica, it was reported from the Democratic Front. Andrija Mandic and his brother Dragoljub live in the house with their families along with their mother. DF stated that this is a politically motivated procedure.

“This action was carried out directly under the Supreme State Prosecutor, under the pretext of the alleged investigation against Danilo Mandić, the son of Andric Mandic, and the suspicion that they had weapons and explosive devices in the family house,” the DF said.

They stated that, in the record after the search, no weapons, no explosive devices were recorded, nor anything else suspicious was found.

“It was obvious that this was not the goal, but a new attack on the DF and an attempt to intimidate the supporters of the opposition. The incursion into the house of one of the DF leaders and his brother, sends the message that Montenegro, with the will of Milo Djukanovic and Dusko Markovic, definitely returned in 1945, 1946, and 1948, the years of brutal prosecutions not only of politically exposed persons but their families as well’’, states DF.

DF also says that this is a politically motivated act because, besides the personal mobile phone of Danilo Mandic, the only thing that was taken is a vehicle that the New Serbian Democracy is using for the official purpose and was staying in the yard of the family house.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro