Police warned of the incidents

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If there are those surprised by the development of events in Montenegro’s Parliament, they are no in the Police Directorate. They had operational knowledge in the beginning of this month that pointed towards the possibility of incidents caused by Democratic Front DF. This is the reason they had sent additional security to the Parliament. However, they were removed from the building on the request of DF, granted to them by the President of the Parliament.

Let’s take it from the top.

First day of irregular Parliament session May 4th was marked by DF representatives making an incident over supposedly a large number of policemen who were there as security, calling them ‘criminals’. At the same time, a number of security people of DF came into the Parliament, among them two members of former infamous 7th Battalion. Their photographs taken in the rooms of representatives’ club of DF soon ended up on social networks. Everything was public.

A few hours after that event, Secretary General of the Parliament Siniša Stankovića placed the responsibility on the Police. They responded by saying that the Police let in those individuals that were on the list at the entrance, shortly before the beginning of the session. This list, signed by Stanković himself, featured ten “security” people of DF, among them members of the 7th Battalion.

Stanković broke the rules

Thus, Secretary General broke the Regulation of the Parliament, that states that during such sessions, only those necessary for the activities are allowed in. Stanković tried to defend his actions by saying that DF’s request did not state when would their security visit the Parliament, so he did not believe it would be on the date of the irregular session.

Again he called upon the Police, saying he had sent them DF’s request on April 25th. The Police invited him to publish the number under which the request was put into the system. After that, Stanković did not make any more statements.

Additional security removed on May 5th

The second day of the irregular sessions DF used to set a condition for their presence, requesting that the additional security be removed. The public was lead to believe that there are “150 armed individuals” in the Parliament, which was rebutted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, who said that 20 policemen were engaged in that job. However, Krivokapić decided that they be removed from the building, leaving only the regular parliamentary security.

Incident of May 13th

Only a few days later, on May 13th, an incident involving DF representatives Branko Radulović and Janko Vučinić happened. They tried to attack Prime Minister Milo Đukanović. Their patience betrayed them, as their attempts so far have not harmed the Prime Minister. And October seems too far, and not only to them.

DF never made their intentions secret. Their promotional material in July of last year featured an illustration of fighting with police. Then we witnessed tents, attacks at the system institutions and an attempt of hostile takeover of the power. They tried to form an “army” trained by the members of 7th Battalion, had protest walks, and entered the Parliament to make an incident. What is next?

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro