Police warned ZIKS of danger to Đurić’s life

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Police Directorate made several efforts to notify the ZIKS that the life of late Dalibor Đurić was in danger, along with lives of few other inmates.

According to unofficial findings of Weekend Edition of Dnevne Novine daily, ZIKS asked Police Directorate about letting Đurić out on weekends, as the law entails, however Police Directorate always refused.

VN learned that the Police informed ZIKS of danger to Đurić’s life due to criminal activities he was involved in. Police advised that Đurić not be let out of prison until next month, when his punishment would be over. This was the reason behind increased security during the apprehension of Đurić in Kotor last March.

The teams had armors, and masked snipers were on the roofs of surrounding buildings. However, ZIKS stated yesterday that they had no knowledge of danger to Đurić’s safety.

ZIKS stated that Đurić was transferred from IIB to IB group and transferred from closed to semi-open department, where inmates who are successful in socialization are placed and the security is lower.

They reminded that semi-open department has 13 security workers and video surveillance. The whole accommodation is surrounded by three wired fences.

Đurić claimed in March that he is in danger, and this is the reason he avoided court appearances using various excuses. Unknown assailant shot him using sniper day before yesterday at 18:15h, while Đurić’s was taking a walk through the semi-department’s court. The bullet hit him in the heart and went out the back. Witnesses said he was going to the gym at his usual time. There were more than ten inmates in the court at the time of cruel execution. Đurić fell to the ground, and was surrounded by inmates and guards. He was taken to KBC urgently. Half an hour after the execution, he was announced dead.

During the investigation, projectile of 7,9 mm was found, believed to have killed Đurić. Police employed a team of divers who searched Zeta river close to the location where they found burnt car with sniper and a small chair.

The car was stolen earlier this year in BiH, while its Italian license plates were stolen in Udine last year.

On the right track

State Prosecutor of High State Prosecution in Podgorica Miloš Šoškić issued a warrant for autopsy and further examinations. Šoškić and the Police investigated the locations connected to the murder.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro