Polish archaeologists discovered the palace of the Illyrian kings in Risan!

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A team of archaeologists from Warsaw university in Poland, discoverd the first ever palace of Illyrian kings! The discovery is very important because it is the first introspection in the functioning of the royal power in ancient Illyria, it was written by portal Patrimundia.

The palace was discovered during the digging on the locality where old Risan used to be, or where the capital of Teuta the Invincible used to be, and of this discovery even Daily Mail reported.

Actions of queen Teuta caused the first Illyrian war in year 229 BC, and diggin at this locality is active since 200 and have provided great knowledge so far to the historians and enabled them to determine the correct order of the rule of the Illyrian kings. This way it was discovered that king Balajos was actually predecessor, and not successor of queen Teuta, as it was thought earlier.

Archaeologists discovered two foundations which date in 3rd century BC.

Polish professor Piotr Dyczek said that the location of the buildings, their size, plan and technique of construction are completely unusual and unique when compared to previously known examples of Illyrian architecture.

“It seems that we disovered a place known from antique sources. This is a rare case in archaeology. We’re usually not capapble of identifying a certain location as such that important events occurred there, like for example the exact place of Caesar’s death”, explained the professor.

30 coins were found in foundation which were probably a gift for the gods.

From both sides of the palace there are marble pillars, and remains of luxury hellenic furniture were found in rooms.

The area where the digging was done was previously intact and archaeologists had no idea what they might find under ground.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro