Popovic confirmed: I resign, but my condition is not life threatening

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Doctor of Economic Sciences, Milenko Popovic, spent only seven days as Minister of Agriculture in the new, so called „government of electoral confidence“. Today he resigned, as CdM confirmed.

The reason for his leaving the executive power is not political in nature, as he said for our news portal. Mr. Popovic says he has health problems that make him dysfunctional. His successor is not yet known, but Popovic says it is not in his authority to recommend a replacement.

“I’m retiring, so I need to sign the resignation”, he confirmed to CdM.

He explained that although the reason is his deteriorating health, the condition is not drastic.

“They are not severe health problems which would institute me to a clinics. But these are problems which make me dysfunctional. The public should know my condition is not life threatening”, he said.

Mr. Popović could not say who will succeed him in the newly formed government, or whether he could recommend someone.

“I don’t have the authority”, said Popović.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro