Popovic: IOC informed about the assault by bandits; the delegation was shocked

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Head of Mission of the Montenegrin Olympic Committee at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Andrija Popovic, said that representatives of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) were informed about the assault against our representatives in Brazil and that they were shocked by the whole situation.

The member of the Montenegrin Olympic Committee Nikola Djurovic, the representative of the Montenegrin diplomatic and consular representation in Argentina which is competent for Brazil, Miljan Mugosa and two representatives of the Montenegrin diaspora – Bozidar Saranovic from America and Nikolas Vukasovic from Argentina were attacked last night in Rio de Janeiro near the airport.

“I have informed the representatives of the IOC on the severe incident. I was informed that the police found the hijacked car near the Olympic Village”, Popovic said, warning Montenegrins not to go outside the protected security zone – such as the Olympic Athletes Village, sports fields and the Olympic Park.

Unfortunately, Montenegrin delegation is not the only one who has an incident in Rio de Janeiro.

“We found out that this was not an isolated incident and that similar things happened to other delegations, so that security is clearly not at a high level… Of course, a lot of things have been done, but it is difficult to be absolutely protected in such a large city, which is threatened by socio-economic difficulties. I am afraid there will be a lot of problems”, said Popovic.

He said the members of the delegation were not injured.

“I hope they will get over the shock very soon and that they will continue to deal only with our athletes and their performances”, Popovic concluded.

Commenting the incident, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration called on all citizens of Montenegro in Rio de Janeiro to go in groups and avoid individual arrangements when going to sports courts that due to unforeseen situations that may occur during the Olympics.

On this occasion, the ministry contacted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Brazil through the usual diplomatic channels.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro