Popovic: SDP said everything through the voting

The newly elected Mayor of Budva Srda Popovic, after the elections stated that he took upon himself a great burden and added that there would be changes in the municipal apparatus.

The board members of Budva’s parliament elected Srdan Popovic from DPS for mayor last night. His opponent was Budva SNP leader Veselin Markovic.

“It is necessary to work, a difficult period awaits us. The period where we have a lot of problems, we are faced with the lack of liquidity of the budget, and what is most important and what I will advocate from the first day is, to establish regular payment of salaries. Then, to get rid of some infrastructure projects in the city. My priority is to open a civil office, to finally make municipality available to all citizens of Budva, to open a park and so much more. I am ready to work with my team every day from 7 -19, and I can tell you now that there will be changes in the municipal apparatus”, Popovic said.

Board members of the SDP previously procedurally requested that the Assembly’s agenda includes their proposal on, as described by councilor Radovan Radulovic, shortening the mandate of the local parliament. On the SDP decision not to support him, Popovic says:

“By their attitude towards voting for the DPS candidate, they said everything about themselves, and you will know very soon what will we do regarding the issue,” says Popovic.

President of the SDP caucus Radovan Radulovic stated that he had no comments until there were some initiatives for the dissolution of the coalition.

“We came up with a proposal on shortening the mandate of the assembly of the Budva municipality, because that would be the best solution. There was no political will to vote on it and to put it on the agenda. We think it was a priority decision, to shorten the term and return it to the citizens of Budva, and only then to negotiate on a possible future mayor. We have publicly declared that we would not support any candidate for that reason, because we believed that the first should be made a decision on shortening the mandate. That is why we abstained. I am not familiar with a comment that the coalition would be dissolved, if it is to be discussed it would be dealt with at the municipal boards level. I have no comment until there is some initiative for the termination of the coalition, “said Radulovic.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro