Popovic: We’ve done everything to end doubts in fair and free elections

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President of the Liberal Party Andrija Popovic and his associates met the head of the OSCE observer mission Roman Jakic and the mission representative Zarona Isailova on Wednesday. On that occasion he said that Montenegro did everything to remove doubts in fair and free elections.

Popovic thanked the OSCE for contributing to the regularity of the electoral process in Montenegro.

“I believe that undoubtedly free and fair elections will be hold with the great support of the OSCE. I think we have done everything that can be done for the elections not to be contested by anyone”, he said.

He added that, despite the huge efforts and resources, it can be expected by a part of the opposition to doubt the election outcome due to dissatisfaction with their results.

“Montenegro is at a turning point, but I have no doubt that these elections will be regular. We are also obliged to further arrange a part of the election campaign and to let competent authorities to deal with the mode of financing and cash flow to certain political entities, particularly parties that are not in the Parliament. They have no cover for the huge amount of money they have, so we doubt what kind of money it is”, he said.

Popovic added that the liberals in Montenegro were the initiators of European, civil and pro-independence policy which was later adopted by the official Montenegro.

“That was the reason why the Liberal Party decided in previous elections to form the government with DPS and minority parties and to renew cooperation agreement with DPS in these elections. The liberals are for European Montenegro in NATO and we believe that this is the right course of Montenegro. That goal can be best achieved in this partnership”, Popovic said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro