Porto Montenegro: Superyachts on the waterfronts of Tivat Marina

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Not many people believed Canadian billionaire Peter Munk when in 2006 he showed interests in overtaking former military shipyard Arsenal in Tivan, announcing that he would turn it to “Balkan’s Monte Carlo”. Ten years later, Munk turned the eyes of international public to Montenegro and Porto Montenegro, luxury touristic projects and leader in superyachts service.

During the last decade, Munk and his partners invested 396 million EUR in construction of the village and marina, that now has over 450 berths. In the space of former Arsenal, that was given to Munk for 90 years, 5 residential buildings were built, and the apartments are already sold, mostly to Russian nationals. Within the village, there is a luxury Hotel Regent, with 86 apartments. Near by, a new object Regent Hotel Residences is under construction. It’s worth is 35 million EUR, and it will be finished by summer 2017.

“New building will participate in so-called hotel rental-pool of Regent, so the apartments will have the possibility to be rented through service of Hotel Regent Porto Montenegro. It will have 94 apartments, that will be decorated as hotel units, as well as a number of commercial spaces for development of small businesses, mainly from Montenegro”, PR of Porto Montenegro Danilo Kalezić said to Weekend Edition of Dnevne Novine daily.

Along with this facility, there are plans for the following period that include construction of marina and increase in the number of berths to 850. Tivat Marina can now welcome the biggest yachts in the world, with length of even 250 meters, which makes it a world leader in superyacht service. Behind it is a One Ocean Port Vell (190 meters) in Barcelona and Grand Harbour Marina in Malta (135 meters).

Project Marina for superyachts and nautical village Porto Montenegro is lead by company Adriatic Marinas. It employs more than 300 workers, out of which 85% are from Montenegro, Kalezić pointed out.

“Together with all local Montenegrin and international companies that are cooperating on the project, from construction, hospitality, etc, we can note that in Porto Montenegro more than 1.000 people are employed”, Kalezić said.

According to the calendar of announced events, Porto Montenegro will be a favorite spot for nautical clients this year as well. During summer season, Porto is visited by over 12.000 people from all over the world.

“EasyJet, leading avio company in Great Britain, introduced flights Manchester Tivat and London Tivat for this summer, which represents a significant step in positioning Tivat and Bay of Kotor as attractive touristic destinations in the British market. Flights from Britain have already influenced the number and the structure of guests that are coming to Porto Montenegro during April, and prognosis for May and June is very optimistic as well”, Kalezić said.

While luxurious nautical clients plan to stop by Porto Montenegro while cruising the Mediterranean, April in the nautical village is marked by artists’ performances, lifestyle events, as well as sport events such as tennis, which is supported by the only covered field with firm surface in the coast.

To stay in the village and the marina is a combination of fun, glamour and relaxing during the whole calendar year. In one of four restaurants the visitors can try international and Montenegrin delicacies, from Italian specialties to probably the best sushi on the coast. Lebanese restaurant Byblos has been opened recently, and it offers a new dimension of gastronomical experience “zesty mezze”, juicy appetizers, marinated means and bites with aromatic herbs and spices prepared by experienced Lebanese chefs..

Hotel Regent, yacht club, Lido pool, designer shops of world’s brands and well-positioned restaurants, as well as conceptual nightclub Platinum are some of the reasons Porto Montenegro will be the most dynamic touristic product on the coast during this season.

International school spreading cultures and languages

The number of foreigners who live in Tivat and Bay of Kotor influenced the decision to establish an international school Knightsbridge in the nautical village of Porto Montenegro. It is open for children from 3 to 19 years of age.

Principal of the school Larry Bartel said that his students are interested in many things, they are friendly young people of open minds and true global citizens that work hard and enjoy studying.

“You must notice the variety with 17 different nations in the school. The most important things is that this school has a modern curriculum and that it spreads those cultures and languages in the environment”, Bartel said.

Hospitality much better

Since August 2008, first hotel of Asian franchise Regent Hotels and Resorts has been established in this part of Europe, precisely in Porto Montenegro. It is also the first hotel complex with five stars in Tivat.

Its opening marked a beginning of a new chapter of Montenegrin tourism, as Regent applies the highest international standards of hotel hospitality.

“High international standards and locally acquired experience are a recipe for quality service”, said Julia Word, newly appointed general manager of Regent in Montenegro.

The bar of quality hospitality is now high, and 19 international awards and recognitions that Tivat’s Regent won in the last two years serve to demonstrate this. Their experience of doing business in Montenegro is more than positive, Word said.

“Our experience is based on the impressions of the guests who had a chance to feel personalized service and quality offer. It appears that there is a great interest in Montenegro, Tivat and Porto Montenegro as a destination seeing that our offer entails ultimate luxury and unique experience of local culture, nature and historical sites”, Word said.

Hosts of world events this year as well

Porto Montenegro will host two prestigious nautical events this summer as well, and this will help to mark Porto as “world’s nautical stage and great communicational platform for international brokers”, Kalezić said. First event is Superyacht Rendezvous Montenegro, that will be held in the beginning of nautical season for July 7th to 9th, organized by media yachting group Boat International. Tivat Marina will host the most impressive yachts of today.

“Prestigious manifestation that has been going on for more than 25 years in Monte Carlo is focused on presentation of the largest ships, yachts and motor superyachts of over 24m. This is certainly an ideal opportunity to present Montenegro to world’s nautical clients and yachting businessmen as a destination of elite nautical tourism”, Kalezić thinks.

MYBA Pop-Up Superyacht Show had its premier last year in Porto Montenegro, when 29 ships gathered in the Bay, some of even 50 meters in length, along with 80 brokers, captains, agents, representatives of yachting industry from all over the world.

“They came to Bay of Kotor with an intention to explore all the chances and advantages of this locality for development of industry of yachts. In the second edition of MYBA event from September 4th to 2nd an impressive list of visitors will again mark Montenegrin marina as a world’s nautical stage and a great communicational platform for international brokers”, Kalezić said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro