Posa: You were ready for NATO even before the invitation

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In most cases referendum for accession to an alliance is organized when membership is affecting the sovereignity of the country. In case of membership of Montenegro in NATO, sovereignity is not reduced, and you will continue to make all of your decisions completely independently regarding the Alliance, said in an interview to Dnevne newspaper the ambassador of Hungary Christian Posa.

DN: You said recently that Hungary will be the ffirst country member of NATO to ratify the agreement with Montenegro, after signing the accession protocol. When will that happen?

Posa: Hungary strongly supports Euroatlantic integrations of Montenegro, we strongly support this process from the beginning. We want to be the first, but whether we’re the first or second it doesn’t matter, as long as ratification happens as soon as possible.

DN: After ratification, how much time is needed for formal full membership in NATO?

Posa: Ratification process is long. After signing it mostly depends on internal processes of the countries how long will it be. In optimal case it can be finished in a year, but we should keep in mind that some countries will have parliamentary or presidential elections, and in some member countries several parliaments need to confirm the ratification. When all 28 countries finish the process of ratification, the NATO will formally decide that Montenegro can join the Alliance.

DN: Considering that you’ve been here a couple of years, you’re aware of the environment in Montenegro. Looking from that angle, which option for making the decision about joining is closer to you, referendum or parliamentary voting?

Posa: It is important to mention that only four member countries of the Alliance used referendum to decide about NATO membership. I have to mention that referendum is usually organized when joining an alliance is affecting the sovereignity of the country. In case of NATO membership, sovereignity of Montenegro is not reduced, you will continue to make all decisions regarding NATO on your own. Without Montenegro’s vote no decision can be made in NATO because all decisions are made by consensus.

DN: Do you think that citizens of Montenegro received enough information about aspects of joining the Alliance?

Posa: Representatives of political and civil life in Montenegro did a great job of providing all necessary information to the population regarding NATO membership. Shortly, I think that those interested in this matter could get answers to all of their questions.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro