Positions until final election results

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Positions of persons, who are appointed, or hired on the basis of the implementation of the agreement on the creation of conditions for fair and free elections (Lex specialis) will be valid until the final results of the elections for members of Parliament are published.

The bill, which provides control of the use of state resources during the upcoming parliamentary elections, is in parliamentary procedure. Members of Parliament should declare on it in the shortened procedure.

In order to create conditions for strengthening confidence in the electoral process and the elimination of reasons for contesting the regularity of the regular parliamentary elections, Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic, at the session of the Assembly on 27 January, offered opposition parties to enter the government, which would consist of representatives of the government and the opposition.

“On the basis of the accepted bid, political parties who signed or supported the agreement on the creation of conditions for free and fair elections, have committed to accept the election results, organized in accordance with this document, as undisputed decision of Montenegrin citizens,” it is said in a statement of reasons .

It is pointed out that the implementation of the Agreement has imposed the need to adopt a special law which will ensure that the agreed model for monitoring and controlling the use of state resources during the parliamentary elections this year has the necessary foundation in the legal system of Montenegro.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro