Positive Montenegro: Accession protocol is a step closer to a safer future

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Signing of the NATO Accession Protocol is a confirmation that Montenegro made a historic step forward in both foreign policy and security terms, the Positive Montenegro (PCG) stated.

As the party stated, a permanent commitment to Western values ​​and Western civilisation is good for the country and its people.

“The NATO Accession Protocol is another important step towards full membership, by which we provide peace and stability for the country and all its citizens. The necessary process of further reforms towards full membership in NATO requires additional mobility and consolidation among all those entities who truly want a stable, prosperous state, focused on Western European values”, the PCG said.

According to the party, having in mind the fact that this part of the region is not fully consolidated, in this way Montenegro has an opportunity to additionally and effectively strengthen the security of the system and provide a significant contribution to peace and stability in the Western Balkans.

“Today, NATO is more than ever the guarantor of security and freedom, not only in military sense, also in terms of political economy, as it represents a good impulse for investors and the inflow of foreign direct investment, which will positively affect the development of the economy and the country as a whole”, PCG added.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro