Positive Montenegro left the prime minister’s question time: Let’s break Krivokapic’s legal violence

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The beginning of today’s prime minister’s question time has been marked by Positive Montenegro MPs’ leaving the Parliament session. MP for PCG Azra Jasavic said that she and her party colleagues will not attend the session out of protest against Parliament Speaker Ranko Krivokapic’s abuse of office.

“I do not know what we have completed and what we have started. I want the Parliament to stop… performing this burlesque”, Jasavic said to Krivokapic.

Jasavic pointed out that the story about abuse of office should be finished.

“PCG will not attend the session out of the protest. We will not accept the political and legal violence carried out in the Parliament for the sake of personal interests and interests of some of the media you are in a public alliance with”, Jasavic said, adding that those media are political bulletins of a significant number of opposition parties.

Initially Jasavic said that it was “cancer” Vijesti and then she said it was a slip of the tongue and that she meant “Vijesti group” (group = “koncern” in Montenegrin).

Then she spoke to prime minister Milo Djukanovic.

“PM, when it comes to your arrival, you had an obligation to come and you are welcome. Today you will have an opportunity to answer questions of three MPs, one belonging to an illegitimate caucus. Today, the caucus is allowed to pose questions thanks to Krivokapic’s abuse of this House. Our leaving has nothing to do with your arrival, but to the abuse of office”, Jasavic explained.

She said that PCG would persevere on its path – a path of changes.

“We will not vie for posts. We will fight for Montenegro, which will mean happiness and prosperity and which will firmly progress on its way of integration and fight against organised crime and corruption”, she pointed out.

After Krivokapic’s that PCG has never pressed charges against him as it did against the PM, Jasavic replied: “We are yet to see that”.

“I did not get any letter, a pigeon might have fallen”

On behalf of the Alternativa caucus Dritan Abazovic asked the PM why the government was protective towards the heads of the police.

“Does the government intend to initiate the procedure for dismissal of the director of Police and senior police officers, whose performance was compromised by affairs, including the latest scandal related to the disappearance of part of the documents in the Mujovic case? Does it indicate the direct involvement of certain government’s members in these affairs? Having in mind we have learnt that a part of the evidence was related to correspondence between suspect Mujovic and the PM, do you think the public should be informed about the content of those letters, in order to protect the state reputation and your post”, Abazovic asked Djukanovic.

PM replied that Abazovic’s question was related to the issue from the jurisdiction of the Special Prosecutor’s Office, which is the only entity which can decide whether the document will be made available.

“If my opinion is relevant, then I will tell the documents should certainly be made publicly available, because thus we will stop intrigues. I have no problem with that. I have not received any letters either to my private or business mail. It is possible that they were sent by a pigeon, but that it fell while carrying them. I have never received the letters – if I had received them, I would not have hesitated to publish them”, the PM said.

Commenting on the claim that he behaves protectively toward heads of the Police Directorte, Djukanovic said that the government protects all state institutions that are under its jurisdiction in everything they do in a lawful manner.

“It is committed to protecting the Police Directorate with strong belief it protects the vital interests of the citizens”, said Djukanovic, reminding the police intervention in last year’s protests of the Democratic Front which escalated into violence.

“Our state police should be very responsibly protected against attacks that are being taken against it in order to destroy Montenegro’s institutions”, said Djukanovic.

According to the PM, all those who work against the law have no state protection.

Djukanovic agrees with Abazovic’s position that it should be revealed who tried to impede the investigation in Mujovic’s case by hiding some of the material.

“Whoever it was, I absolutely agree that there is no place for him/her in any state body. The issue of the extent to which it will be prosecuted is the subject of judicial authorities. As far as I am concerned, there is no doubt that when we find out that it was done by any employee of an institution under government’s jurisdiction – that person will not work there any longer”, PM was clear.

Djukanovic to Bojanic: We have preserved companies that you wanted to close

On behalf of the independent MPs caucus, Mladen Bojanic asked Djukanovic how much the state had collected from the bankruptcy proceedings of the debtors (Aluminium Plant – KAP, Steel Mill, Bauxite Mines, Pobjeda daily newspaper, Electrode Factory, Mi Rai Group, Lenka and Megalonija Primorka) to which it pay €181,124,519 guarantees in the period 2010–2014.

“The full answer will be possible after the bankruptcy procedures in the Commercial Court are finished. After the verdict, we will know precisely how much of the debt Montenegro has collected”, Djukanovic said.

Bojanic said he had expected such a response.

“The answer is – zero. We did not collect a single euro from the bankruptcy proceeding, nor will we collect anything”, Bojanic said.

Djukanovic said that before the court issues a decision, all the comments represent an empty talk for the sake of political points.

“Your intention was to close KAP and the Steel Mill, and they still work. When we issued guarantees to KAP, it generated 40% of the overall state’s exports that year. It is preparing for an investment amounting to €70m. When you advocated closing the Steel Mill, probably one in ten residents of Niksic was employed there. On the contrary, we had other interests and we have preserved the companies that are, in our opinion, the backbone of the country’s development”, said Djukanovic.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro