Positive Montenegro: State has to be protected

Positive Montenegro considers that giving up the arbitration as a condition for adoption of the Annex to the Agreement on the hotel “Queen’s beach” (Kraljičina Plaža) is not “high, but extremely logical request,” with the aim to spare Montenegrin citizens of the possible risks.

This is how Positive Montenegro Party replied to Adriatic Properties Petros Stathis:

From the beginning, Positive Montenegro participated constructively in the case of the Queen’s Beach in Milocer and, to our knowledge, we made the first official visit to this location in order to check situation on the spot, refusing to rely on the reports of Your media competitors.

To be honest, we did see that the situation in the field was significantly different than the one the public had been continually informed about, but on the other hand, our economic analysis have shown that there is scope for significantly better conditions for the country at this time than the ones You and the Government Montenegro offered in the annex submitted to us.

Positive Montenegro also dealt with the economic analysis of the situation and concluded that there is foundation, due to long term of the project, to increase investments as well as your activities on promotion of Montenegro as a tourist destination.

With regard to the argument that giving up the arbitration is the high demand, we tell You that it is extremely logical because accepting the annex as compromise would assure that You receive compensation for ocurred damage, and we want to ensure that the citizens of Montenegro, don’t find themselves in risk of paying the damage they did not make.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro