Positive Montenegro wants to eclipse its electoral success of 2012

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President of Positive Montenegro, Darko Pajović, says he’s confident that his party will achieve good results in the parliamentary elections on October 16th. Speaking for Pobjeda daily, he said Positive Montenegro currently has five to six percent voters.

“We are working on an intense and sincere campaign to strengthen the support we are constantly receiving from citizens, to achieve even better results. The aim is to surpass our electoral success from 2012”, he stressed.

The party’s advantage in relation to its political competition, Pajovic says, is the fact that it is the party which managed to bring substantial political change after 27 years.

“By initiating a political agreement between the government and the opposition, we prevented the political crisis that would have had long-term consequences on further development of our country. We have enabled the opposition to – regardless of their previous election results – become the executive authority and to, in accordance with their party and personal capacities, make changes. Only by holding the Assembly’s presidency, Positive Montenegro showed the obvious difference in comparison with its predecessor, meaning that we now know what serious work with concrete, measurable results looks like. Our advantage is also the fact that we want serious economic turnaround, to be carried out from a position of power, unlike the fictitious economic changes offered by the retrograde opposition, which are unrealistic, because they cannot happen from the position of the opposition. Simply put, the changes come only from those who are in power. You need power to make a change. This cannot happen standing in the deep shade of your comfortable oppositional position”, he said.

He also added that Montenegro needs a „government of prosperity, not government of continuity“.

He explained Montenegro must have an active economic policy, and not only rely on free markets and foreign investment. This needs to happen in order to strengthen economic development and reduce unemployment. Insisting on neoliberal economy will inevitably increase social differences, and therefore increase political instability, he added.

When asked who he sees as potential partner after the election, Pajović says this certainly won’t the people who on January 27th wanted to derail Montenegro from the Western course.

“They did not only want to change the government, they also wanted to make strategic changes in the foreign policy, so that Montenegro becomes a Russian political branch. They wanted to call into question the independence of Montenegro. So we naturally cannot cooperate with them. Cooperation is possible with all those who are on the western course and who do not question the national integrity and sovereignty of Montenegro”, said Pajović.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro