Positive party signed the Agreement and will be part of the Government

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Positive Montenegro signed the Agreement on free and fair elections, and will be part of the government, said the leader of the party, Darko Pajović, at today’s press conference.

Pajović recalled that his party supported the government under certain conditions, and that they went through a period of torture and agony.

“They used to call us traitors and vermin, and now we’re all on the same list”, said Pajović, adding that if there wasn’t for Positive, there would be no Agreement.

He did not say whether he is a candidate for foreign minister, but said that, when things become known, he won’t hide anything.

Instead, he commented on the fact that, although the Agreement is now signed, no one knows when the session of the Parliament needed to pass the special law, the new government and to discuss the dismissal of Krivokapic will happen.

“We are now a ship without a course”, he said.

Asked whether they received the statement of a part of the opposition which states that they won’t form pre nor post-election coalition with the DPS, Pajović said Positive Montenegro hasn’t received such a document, and that they wouldn’t sign it anyhow.

“It hasn’t arrived, nor will we sign it, because for us, it means that all these parties will make a coalition with the DF. For us, at this moment, the policy of DF unacceptable because we are supporting European and Western values, and not the anti-state ones”, said Pajović.

He thanked the former Director of Television of Montenegro, who had previously resigned.

“The biggest professional sacrifice was paid by Mrs. Rutović. For the past 90 days, no one, except her, has moved from their place. She is an example to us all, the politicians, who are working for the good of the country”, said Pajović.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro