POSP adopted amendments proposed by Positive Montenegro

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The EU-Montenegro Stabilisation and Association Parliamentary Committee (POSP) adopted the amendments proposed by MPs for the Positive Montenegro (PCG) Darko Pajovic and Azra Jasavic and included it in the POSP declaration.

The declaration and recommendations of POSP include PCG’s proposals which welcome appointing the chief of the police unit with the consent of the special prosecutor in accordance with the law, as well as applying the plea agreement institution. The declaration suggests the competent authorities issue sentences in these cases proportionate to the harm caused, conduct a thorough financial investigation and determine the height of the seized assets that need to be fully returned into the budget of Montenegro.

POSP also adopted amendments calling on the state authorities to obey the Law on Professional Rehabilitation and Employment of Persons with Disabilities by accepting the obligation to employ persons with disabilities according to the quota system. POSP also called on the competent authorities to establish the full application of community service institution against parents who avoid paying alimony, as well as journalists to respect the Media Ethics Code, because the media must serve the public interest.

The PCG’s amendment related to encouraging relevant state and local authorities and NGOs to engage in social entrepreneurship was also adopted.

The twelfth POSP meeting in the Montenegrin Parliament was ended today.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro