Possible expansion of new “troika”

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The coalition of Demos, SNP and URA Civic Movement is possible to be expand until the alliance becomes official, Demos’ leader Miodrag Lekic said in his interview with Dan newspaper.

“Since I am not supporter of the political behaviour in which people passionately attack each other just to suddenly become friends, as far I am concerned, a proven ability to be serious and publicly decent remains the condition for cooperation”, said Lekic.

He points out that the enlargement of the coalition is possible until the contract is signed.

“If the coalition expands to include serious partners, of course, who share our common commitments, I will consider that as a positive fact. The decision on that can be brought together with the consensus”, he said.

Lekic added that the coalition between Demos, SNP and URA was a result of a careful analysis and work.

“These are the parties which keep their uniqueness, while being able to unite together towards the same goal – the necessary change of government and the creation of a democratic Montenegro based on the values of work, justice and individual responsibility”, Lekic said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro