Postponed: No single opposition list, no session of Parliament

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The session of the Parliament of Montenegro that was supposed to discuss the future members of the government from the opposition ranks, has been postponed. The reason is that three currents id the opposition have different proposals for ministers. This has been confirmed by one of the promoters of the special law on the basis of which the Agreement on fair elections would be applied, Dritan Abazovic.

“Session of the Legislative Committee could not be held because there is no unified list as mentioned in the lex specialis. And without it, the Assembly cannot discuss until further notice”, he said adding that he won’t sign any list, unless it has been drawn up by SDP, Demos and URA. These parties suggested one minister each, and left room for SNP to also pick one.

However, SNP leader, Srdjan Milic, wants two ministries in order to enter the government.

“SNP is acting in favor of DPS, and the ruling party always has players in the opposition. To me, this looks like the game of DPS and an opposition party”, said Abazović, adding that the Agreement “might not happen” after all.

He also said that the proposal of DF, that Djukanovic is deposed in the Assembly and a new government formed to operate until elections, is “acceptable but unrealistic”.

Previously, the session of the lawmaking Committee which was supposed to discuss the lex specialis, was not attended by its proponents, Goran Danilovic and Dritan Abazovic.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro