Pozitivna got the position of the president of the parliament and a vice prime minister

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Position of the president of the parliament and another vice prime minister will belong to Pozitivna Montenegro, it was told to Dnevne newspaper by two independent and reliable sources.

It wasn’t pssible to learn the names of the candidates at the moment, but it is expected that people from the top of the party will take this positions.

The choice of new president of the parliament, after revoking Ranko Krivokapic who was at this position for 13 years, as well as another vice prime minister, should be announced already at the next session of the parliament expected next week, it was reported by Dnevne newspaper.

This way Pozitivna Montenegro will take the chair seat of the legislative power – which has a great deal of ork ahed of itself after several months in blockade – adopting around 300 laws, among which there are some that have been in parliamentary procedure for more than four years.

Pozitivna Montenegro, according to its president Darko Pajovic, gave the biggest sacrifice to democratic process in Montenegro.

„We set three goals when we comditioned our support to the government. All three goals that we had set then have been reached, I can announce now with pleasure”, said Pajovic at a press conference two days ago organized during the visit or European parliament members.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro