Pre-election coalitions will break after October

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Creation of pre-election coalitions, under the veil of bringing down the ruling party, and collecting as many votes as possible, can lead to post-election political crisis in opposition parties, say several political analysts.

Political analyst Srdja Vukadinovic thinks that new pre-election coalitions cannot last long because parties that are making them have opposing positions on several key issues and principles.

He thinks that forming these coalitions is unnatural, because parties that are making them are diametrically opposite when it comes to basic political, ideological and program issues.

Vukadinovic said to Dnevne newspaper that problems, in case that coalitions of this kind win the elections, will rise after the elections.

He said that the opposition is so blinded by the idea of “removing” Djukanovic that they are not thinking rationally about what happens the day after, when elections are over.

“They have too many issues of disagreement, those who are for NATO will not change their position on this, neither will those who are against the Alliance. So, they are trying to solve an impossible puzzle, which can last until 16th of October, because hatred towards Djukanovic is so big that at this moment they are overseeing theor own differences.

Raonic: Messages from coalitions will be interesting

Boris Raonic from Civic alliance said that we are witnessing merging trends on political scene, and key to success of these processes is how well is it communicated with the voters.

“Coalitions that the opposition is making now were successful in Serbia, but circumstances were very different then, primarily geostrategically speaking. Neglected is also the merging of Albanian national parties which is a surprise considering the history of these parties. Next month will be very interesting in terms of messages that will be coming from these coalitions, but also in terms of reactions by citizens to all those who remain out of any coalitions”, said Raonic to Dnevne newspaper.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro