Preparation works on Mozura, and 13 windmills on Krnovo

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Preparation works for a wind park on Mozura have started, and half of the planned 26 windmills on Krnovo has been set up, while setting up of two wind generators is in final phase, said the investors of these windmills.

From consrortium „Akuo Energy SAS Ivicom Consulting”, which is building windmills on Krnovo was said that this is a 140 million euros investment which should be finished at the beginning of October, if the weather allows it, it was reported by Pobjeda.

„According to contract obligations, the investor has to provide beginning of operations of the wuindmills by the 7th of May next year along with the related objects and infrastructure, as well as its connection to the electric energy system”, it was said to Pobjeda from ministry of economy.

Representatives of the ministry reminded that under the contract the land is given on a 20 year lease with the possibility of extending it for maximum five years for construction of the wind power plant with strenght of 72 megawatts.

The government is obliged to guarantee a buying price for first 12 years of operations at minimum of 95,99 euros per megawatt. Planned annual production of the wind power plant Krnovo is 215 thousand megawatts, so under current price of 38 euros per megawatt, annual subsidy to owners of this windmill would be 12.7 million euros which will be paid by end users.

As for Mozura, where the investor is ,,Enemalta plc“ from Malta, the installed power is 46 megawatts, while all the other conditions are the sam as with Krnovo. The value of the investment is 65 million euros, and 23 generators will be set up. The works will be done by Bemaks company and the equipment provided by Siemens.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro