Prevlaka: Agreement in the next month

The entire process of normative reforms in Chapters 23:24 is completed and there is no reason to dread activation clause balance when it comes to Montenegro, said Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration Igor Luksic.

According to him, Montenegro is the first to negotiate by a new approach that is formally defined by the negotiating framework of the European Union, which defines the overall balance clause.

“It is wrong to think that the existence of these clauses is typically only for Montenegro because it is a policy of the European Union, which will apply to all future candidate countries, and represents the ratio of the Union according to the priorities of the enlargement policy,” said Luksic in the Assembly while responding to parliamentary questions.

He reiterated that the European integration is one of the key foreign policy priorities.

“Based on these principles a new approach to the negotiations has been developed, which means that the chapter 23:24 are put in the focus of negotiations by being among the first to be open and the last to be closed,” Luksic said.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro