Prevlaka will not spoil relations between the two countries

Prevlaka does not burden the relations between Montenegro and Croatia, Croatian Ambassador in Podgorica Ivana Sutlic-Peric said.

In an interview with Radio Montenegro she said it is very important that the two countries expressed their shared willingness to respect the criteria of international law and arbitration decision in The Hague.

In that case, Sutlic-Peric claims, will not happen comments that can be heard now from some parties that this or that Croatian politician gave Montenegro Prevlaka, and vice versa if the Prime Minister Djukanovic handed over the peninsula to Croatia.

“Definitely, the whole process will not affect in any segment, the future relations between the two countries, that is why we go to the international court, because the decision of the court will be binding on both parties. Prevlaka is actually a problem, but not of a such nature as to endanger good relations between Zagreb and Podgorica”, Croatian Ambassador concluded

Izvor: RTV Montenegro