Prime Minister to the rescue: In four months, Đukanović has received 900 letters from citizens

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Prime Minister Milo Đukanović has received 900 letters from citizens since the beginning of the year, which is 300 more than last year, Valentina Radulović Šćepanović, Prime Minister’s advisor and Chief of Government’s Bureau for Citizens Relations, said to Pobjeda.

“Although institutions can react faster and in a more efficient manner to citizens’ issues, those who write letters, whether to ask, suggest, or plead something, are still convinced that the Prime Minister is the only one who can solve their problems”, Valentina Radulović Šćepanović said.

Issues vary. Often, citizens expect Prime Minister’s help with employment, residential issues, one-time financial help, sponsorships for organization of cultural and sport projects. They also ask for help with school, internships, medicine, or overcoming difficult financial situations.

They turn to Prime Minister when they have issues with work of state institutions or private companies as well.

Citizens who offer partnership in politics on state or local level are also common. There is a certain number of letters where citizens ask the impossible.

If that is the case, citizens receive negative replies, said the Chief of Bureau for Citizens Relations.

“Recently we received a letter from a madam from Herceg Novi, foreign national. She said that Montenegrin citizenship is a condition for mothers with three children to have a right for lifelong monthly reimbursement. She wrote that she was not clear on which condition she is denied for the citizenship, but she pleaded with the Prime Minister to grant her the citizenship above the rules”, Valentina Radulović Šćepanović cited one of the letters.

Prime Minister is not available to reply personally to the letters, due to the complexity of his job, but Radulović Šćepanović said he takes interest in those who turn to him, in their needs and issues.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro