Prison for warriors abroad

Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) has proposed amendments to the Criminal Code (CC), which provides for prison sentences for Montenegrin citizens who directly or otherwise participate in foreign battlefields.

According to the proposal, a person who, contrary to law, regulations or rules of international law recruits, prepares, organizes, manages, transports or organizes transport or trains an individual or group of people with the intention of their accession or action in foreign weapon formations shall be punished with imprisonment from two up to ten years.

“One who travels for the purpose of joining or participating, in a foreign military formation that operates outside of Montenegro, individually or in organized groups, shall be punished with six months to five years in prison,” it is said.

For those who either directly or through a third party offer, give, provide, require, collect or disguise funds, funds, material resources and equipment that is in whole or in part intended for the execution of these works provides for prison penalty of one to eight years.

“Anyone who publicly invited and encouraged others to commit these offenses shall be punished with imprisonment from six months to five years in prison,” says the proposed law.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro