Private pharmacies: Illegal decision of the Fund

The decision of the Health Insurance Fund on the suspension of issuing presripted drugs in private pharmacies is illegal, according to the Association of Private Pharmacies. They also point out in a statement that the story of savings on that basis was “false and hypocritical”. This year, as they point out, about 17.5 million euros was spent on drugs from the Fund, 14 of which was allocated to state pharmacies and 3.6 million to private pharmacies.

“Based on this reformative decision of the government, private pharmacies have invested heavily in its network (investments in equipment, software, recruitment of trained staff, supplies of medicines), in order to meet contractual obligations to the Fund and the requirements of users, i.e. the insured citizens who profited the most from this process. After many years of trouble, for the first time the insured citizens were able to have the drug without waiting and constant shortages”, reads the statement of the Association of Private Pharmacies.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro