Problem of DF is its leaders

As much as the Democratic Front struggles to prove the alleged civil and non-violent spirit of protest, they are denying themselves, sending threats, vulgarity and political primitivism from Medojevic’s stage, it is assessed from the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS).

Party announced that DF does not realize that deception is not a key, adding that “everyone has recognized bad intentions of DF”.

“Still angry because Andrija Mandic invited Amfilohije on his personal stage, Nebojsa Medojevic has tried to fake a good host and invited other religious leaders to join them, not realizing that it is too late. Mandic pushed him into a corner and there is no God who can help him”, it is said in the DPS statement.

‘’While Emilo Labudovico is saying ‘Why do they care how we get our money’, the State Audit Institution found at his counterpart Milan Knezevic 100,000 Euros that was paid out without any cover”, it is said in the DPS statement.

Problem of DF, according to the DPS, is not the government nor the lack of democracy, but the people who lead it.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro