Proceedings to be initiated against parties that fail to show cash flow

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The deadline for submission of reports on origin, amount and structure of collected and spent funds from public and private sources for the electoral campaign for the parliamentary elections and local elections in the municipalities of Kotor, Budva, Gusinje and Andrijevica expires today. The Agency for prevention of corruption will, come tomorrow, initiate proceedings against those political entities that fail to timely fulfill their legal obligation and submit documentation that provides insight into the flow of money for their campaign, writes Dnevne Novine.

According to the Agency, the Democratic Party of Socialists submitted their report a week before the deadline.

“Their data was accurate. Yesterday, certain other parties submitted their reports, but we’ll know later today whether the documentation is complete”.

The first such report was submitted on November 2 by a political group from Budva, R. Glendza.

Along with the report, the parties are obliged to submit the bank statements showing all income and expenditure from the account during the period from its opening to the day of filing the report with all documentation”, the Agency explained.

Failure to comply with the Law on Financing of Political Parties and Electoral Campaigns means misdemeanor charges and fines for political subjects from 10.000 to 20.000 euros, and 500 to 2.000 euros for personally responsible individuals.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro