Progress in Chapters 23 and 24 of a key value

Chapters 23 and 24 are important for the implementation of key reforms to strengthen the rule of law in Montenegro, and without the fight against corruption and organized crime there will be no progress in other chapters, said President of the Parliamentary Committee for European Integration, Slaven Radunovic.

Radunovic stated that the chapters 23 and 24 are of immeasurable importance, not only for the EU accession process, but also for implementing key reforms aiminig to strengthen the rule of law in Montenegro.

He said to Agency Mina that Montenegro, in the Progress Report for this year, was alerted for the first time about the existence of the “balance clause”, which reminds that progress in meeting the transitional benchmarks in these chapters (or lack thereof) will directly affect the pace of overall negotiations, including the agendas of future intergovernmental conferences.

“I would not love this clause to be activated, but without a clear political will to fight corruption and organized crime, there will be no progress also in other chapters”, said Radunovic.

He said that it was not due to the fact that the EU seeks concrete moves in Chapters 23 and 24, but also because these issues are routed through a lot of other chapters.

“The rule of law also means the establishment of efficient and transparent administrative procedures, establishing the companies without barriers, transparency in public procurement procedures, health system that knows no corruption”, explained Radunovic.

He agrees that other chapters must also not be neglected, especially those that are difficult and financially demanding, such as Chapter 11 – Agriculture and rural development, 13 – Fisheries and 27 – Environment.

“In this part we will be required to fulfill a number of requirements, not just those related to strengthening the legal and institutional framework, but also in terms of improving the production process, the development of environmental standards and others”, said Radunovic.

That is why, he said, it is necessary to make use of all the expertise and financial assistance provided by the EU through pre-accession funds.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro