Promoter of Great Albania says he’ll feel like "on his own land" in Tuzi

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After unsuccessful attempt to promote his book about Great Albania in Greece and Serbia, Tahir Veliu has the intention of trying it in Montenegro and to speak in Tuzi tomorrow about “physical unification of Albanian countries in one national country”. Veliu said ina statement to Dnevne newspaper that he’s not expecting any problems regarding the entrance and exit in and from Montenegro, especially during his stay in Tuzi.

“I don’t expect any problems during the stay in Tuzi, or any other part of Albanian territory that is currently under Montenegro. I honestly hope that what happened in Greece and Serbia won’t repeat in Montenegro. There is nothing dangerous in my book. Everything in it is peaceful and in accordance with all international conventions and legal acts”, thinks Veliu.

Asked why was he declared unwanted by Serbia and Greece if everything in his book is peaceful, Veliu emphasized that these are “countries stuck in past” who “should apologize to Albanians for the genocide that they had committed”.

From the police directorate was said that Veliu will be allowed to enter Montenegro if he meets all the legal prerequisites necessary for entering the country.

From the management of the municipality of Tuzi was said that they don’t know anything about the visit of the Albanian historian.

Parliament member from DPS Nikola Gegaj thinks that the talk about Great Albania which is promoted bu Veliu is “pointless, anachornistic and unnatural”.

“In all discussions and statements until now Albanian officials emphasize that borders in the Balkans are permanent and fixed, and always emphasize the importance of good relations with Montenegro”, said Gegaj.

According to his words, those who promote idea of Great Albania are not friends of Albania or the Albanian people.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro