Prosecution demands that ‘Budvans’ go to Spuz

After they spent a night in a detention room of Podgorica’s police department, 13 of current and former leaders of Budva municipality will find themselves in front of investigation judge Radomir Ivanovic today around noon, who will decide whether he will send them to prison in Spuz as the Prosecution requested, it was reported by daily ‘’Dnevne novine’’.

Yesterday at early dawn, under the warrant of special prosecution, police arrested current and former mayor of Budva Lazar Radjenovic and Rajko Kuljaca, then daughter and brother of the vice president of DPS Svetozar Marovic, Milena Marovic-Bogdanovic and Dragan Marovic, as well as current councellor of the government Aleksandar Ticic. After they arrested the main suspects, inspectors arrested other service officers of Budva’s municipality as well, Novak Klisic, Snezana Scepanovic, Milojka Kovacevic, Miodrag Samardzic, Milenko Medigovic, Danijela Marotic and Dragica Popovic, but also former director of company “Trade unique” Goran Bojanic, while his colleague Djordje Pavlovic is still not found.

These arrests are a result of an investigation that started over four years ago when it was suspected that Budva’s management made a deal with private company “Trade unique”, that harmed Budva municipality for almost eight million Euros, as the prosecution claims. Namely, Municipality Budva received around 4.500 m2 of garage space in luxury center TQ Plaza as a compensation for giving the property at this location to the aforementioned company.

This way, considering that market value of residential and business space is much higher than the garage space that Municipality received in this suspicious deal, they caused the damage of 7.953.408 Euros. Suspects were members of the commission that was in charge of dividing the property between municipality Budva and company “Trade unique”, and as such they signed multiple annexes to the contract, and the last one stated that instead of earlier 25 percent, only 15 percent of the business space in TQ Plaza would belong to the municipality.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro