Prosecution of A2A and citizens of Montenegro dropped

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The special state prosecutor’s office (SDT) dropped the prosecution of the legal entity A2A and three Montenegrin citizens from Elektroprivreda Crne Gore.

The SDT will not prosecute the former coordinator of the chief financial director Slobodan Tanasijevic, the manager of the Finance Directorate Venka Janjusevic and the head of the Accounting and Tax Directorate Vojka Calasan, because they did not participate in the unlawful actions, the Special Prosecution confirmed for TVCG.

The investigation was also concluded against Italian citizens, former EPCG executive Enrico Malerba, former financial director Flavia Bianca and Massimo Sala, and, as we unofficially found out, an indictment would be filed at the beginning of next year.

Two months ago, Italian company A2A gave up on the receivables of 7.75 million euros from Elektroprivreda for controversial consulting services and on November 6 returned the previously collected 4.34 million euros.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro