Prosecution to discuss the incident in the Assembly tomorrow

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Basic State Prosecutor’s Office will tomorrow inform the public about whether the incident in the Assembly on May 13 this year, when the deputies of the Democratic Front attacked Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic, can be qualified as a punishable offense.

Options are few: the prosecution could transfer the responsibility for the incident to those who allowed the incident (the Parliament); the court may find elements of criminal offense by DF MPs, who would then be prosecuted ex officio (or it could just be filed as misdemeanor); it can also be communicated that the inquest into the matter is not yet complete.

Each of these options is equally possible, writes Dnevne Novine daily, and tomorrow’s press conference will show how the plaintiffs saw the attack on the Prime Minister – as resentment against an individual, or an attack against an institution.

The question now is how the Prime Minister’s Hour will go in the Assembly, since the same MPs who attacked Mr. Djukanovic will be present.

It is certain that the Speaker, Mr. Milutin Simovic, will use all procedural tools to prevent disruption of today’s session. Should an incident happen again, prosecution could not avoid its own responsibility, simply because of the fact that it took them 18 days to say anything on the matter, opening the door to speculation about the reasons for delays in decision-making.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro