Prosecutors ask for patience regarding the information about terrorism attempt

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On the occasion of the attempted terrorist attack on the election day (16 October) prosecutors announced all the details that may be available to the public at the moment, the Prosecutor’s Office said in its press release.

“On the occasion of the case related to the offenses creating a criminal organisation and terrorism attempt, the Prosecutor’s Office has announced all the pieces of information that may be available to the public at this stage of investigation. Appreciating the fact that all media are interested in this subject, hereby we inform the public that the Prosecutor’s Office will release statements on the course of the proceedings only when there are conditions for that”, the statement said.

“We are convinced that the public will be patient and wait to receive full information about this event from the Prosecutor’s Office. We ask the media not to misinform and confuse the public by presenting false information, speculations and data from the so-called confidential sources”, the Prosecutor’s Office stated.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro