Protect water, it will become gold in the market

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Ambassador of Slovenia, Mitja Močnik, believes that natural resources should be protected, especially water, because it will become gold in the market.

In Slovenia, he explains, the water was always public good, but then a danger started looming, that its sources could be privatized, which is why they now plan to constitutionally protect the right to drinking water.

“We are planning to protect our water by the Constitution this year. In this way, there will be no multinational companies managing our water. Concessions may be obtained, but the water will be protected, and I think this would not be a bad idea for Montenegro, too”, he said in an interview with Pobjeda daily.

Slovenian Ambassador noted the good cooperation with Montenegro and pointed out that by the end of next year, Slovenia will have invested in Montenegrin projects for environmental protection and infrastructure a total of over one million euros.

“Mainly in the north of the country”, he said, highlighting Slovenian help with development of Zabljak.

“This was a central multi-year project of development cooperation between our countries. It represents a demonstration of new technologies in the field of waste management and an example of good practice in self-management of waste. During the two years, we have allocated for the construction of waste sorting facility in Zabljak a total of 1.25 million euros”, said Močnik, adding that Slovenia is willing to work with Montenegro on Chapter 27, related to ecology of the whole region.

He also said it is possible that Montenegro and Slovenia will establish cooperation in the project for the protection of Solana in Ulcinj.

“The Minister of Sustainable Development and Tourism, Branimir Gvozdenovic, recently visited our salt pans in Piran. We have very much to offer, regarding regulations, status. It all depends on the decision of the Montenegrin government”, concluded Močnik.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro