Protection of Saltworks is priority



At the Biennale of Architecture in Venice Montenegro will show that the life and future of Saltworks can be steered to several directions and that each of them means preserving the values that this area has, said Minster of Tourism and Sustainable Development Branimir Gvozdenovic.

He said that the Ministry gave special priority to the issue of the protection of Ulcinj Saltworks and that it is dealing with it with dedication.

“After the intensive activities regarding rehabilitation of the pumping infrastructure at the Saltworks and after the establishment of the management system through the Public enterprises for national parks over the last year, we can conclude that there was no serious degradation of natural assets in this area,” said Gvozdenovic for agency MINA.

He said that the procedure to designate Ulcinj Saltworks as protected area, with an emphasis on national security, was initiated in the meantime in order to ensure the sustainable management of this valuable ecosystem.

“Also, after consultation with the Head of Unit for Montenegro at the Directorate General for Enlargement in the European Commission, we sent the request to our National Coordinator for IPA support for the provision of expert support for the completion of studies to protect Ulcinj Saltworks,” said Gvozdenovic.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro