Protest against taking off the immunity of Medojevic



The protests regarding immunity removal of the DF deputy Nebojsa Medojevic will be held on Monday, June 12, ahead of the session of the Administrative Committee.

The protest will be held under the slogan “We Are All Medo” in front of the Montenegrin Parliament, while the exact protest time will be announced later.

The DF delegate Branka Bosnjak said at the press conference that people in Montenegro today are being arrested because they think differently and she invited citizens to come to the protest.

“Freedom cannot be arrested. We are freer in prison than they are at liberty. We were thinking whether to invite other colleagues from the opposition. We are inviting all free citizens, because we are not doing this just for us, we do not want Montenegro to be converted into the North Korea,“ Bosnjak said.

She said the protest would be peaceful, and showed reporters a teddy bear, stating that it was a “velvet warning protest.”

Source: Radio Television Montenegro