Protests are not a threat to stability

Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic said that the protests are not a threat to stability, adding that the opposition wants to take power by force.

During a visit to Slovenia, Djukanovic has said that he understands the dissatisfaction of the citizens, but that Montenegro is in a situation where it has promoted new values in which many people still do not believe.

“Montenegro is ready to defend its institutions, and neither the opposition nor counselors from abroad would move it from that path. ” Djukanovic said, adding that based on the messages from the protest, as well as the Russian announcement it is clear that there is foreign influence and impact..

Commenting on the protests in Podgorica, Slovenian Prime Minister Miro Cerak said that protests are proof of democracy, but that if there is violence, the state must react and secure public peace and order.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro