Protests until the solution of the crisis

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The protests are the only way to resolve the current political crisis in Montenegro, said DF official Predrag Bulatovic.

He said that this political alliance strongly supports the full unity of the opposition.

“Whatever the opposition arranges, no matter what the decision will be, it will be the right one. Elections in Niksic showed that,” Bulatovic said, adding that the boycott would not have succeeded if it were not for the unity of the opposition.

Bulatovic said that in the coming days Herceg Novi will be an important issue that the opposition will discuss about.

“Whatever they decide it will be victory of opposition,” Bulatovic is sure, stating that the differences over Herceg Novi have to be discussed at the table.

Bulatovic said that the boycott of parliament gave results but that it was not enough now. He pointed out that he will also consult the rest of the opposition in order to organize protests, stating that they will not make unilateral moves.

Bulatovic said he did not ruled out the possibility of local or some other protests.

“We will not have an understanding for certain opposition entities justifying their non-participation in the protests by some reasons that we can not understand. Nothing is more important than to remove the regime of Milo Djukanovic,” said Bulatovic.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro