Protests would not effect NATO

Saturday’s protests of the Democratic Front sent a bad message to the world, but will not affect the foreign political situation in Montenegro, said military analyst, Igor Tabak.

He said that Zagreb also had a similar situation:

“At the end, it looked like a war zone more than anything else. Looking from Zagreb, Croatia had, and still has, for over a year, the situation with such a protest of the citizens who are trying to force things with tents in front of the the Ministry of Defence, but with the difference in the approach, this protest was ignored and in time tensions eased”, said Tabak for Radio antenna M.

Tabak says that it is the fact that occasional change of government is desirable because then the responsibility, both of the government and the opposition, is put to the test, but ads that Saturday’s protest did not change things.

“The government is still there, Parliament is still there, and early parliamentary elections did not happen. In that part, strength of democratically elected government faced to the aggressive opposition has been demonstrated. Such situations are not, unfortunately, unprecedented in a range of other countries, if you pay attention Germany often counteracts some unrest. So it does not seem like it’s a thing that could deeply affect the foreign policy situation of Montenegro”, says Tabak.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro