Protocol for accession of Montenegro to NATO signed, Djukanovic: This day has special symbolism!

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Twenty eight members of the Alliance signed a Protocol on accession of Montenegro to NATO today in Brussels. Right befor the signing, prime minister Milo Djukanovic said that today’s day has special symbolism for Montenegro because it corresponds with the celebration of a decade of independence in our country.

“It is an honor to have this opportunity to speak to you at this important moment for my country. As important as the 2nd of December when you had sent us the invitation. By signing this at the level of ministers you have shown great appreciation for our efforts on the road towards full membership”, said Djukanovic.

As he said, today’s signing was a confirmation that on 21st of May in 2006 we chose the right path.

“In ten years we cam a step away from the membership in NATO and we’re deep on our way towards EU. It means that we chose the right way”, said Djukanovic.

“We will continue with work on increasing the standard of living in Montenegro. We want a stable, democratic, developed and multiethnic country within Euroatlantic union of the countries. Integration processes of our country have no alternative and are irreversible. NATO will get a faithful promoter of its values in the area of Western Balkans”, said the prime minister.

As he concluded, he expects that ratification of the Agreement on membership in NATO will happen as soon as possible.

General secretary of NATO Jens Stoltenberg said that Montenegro has been through a long road of reforms.

“It reformed its laws, built its institutions, found its place in international community, encouraged cooperation and compromise in the Balkans. As of today, Montenegro will be invited to NATO meetings”, said Stoltenberg.

When the process of ratification ends, as he said, Montenegro will become the 29th member of the Alliance.

Symbolically, Stoltenberg presented a gift to Djukanovic in a form of the pen by which the member countries signed the Protocol.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro