Proud of close relations with neighbors

Montenegro is committed to the policy of good neighborly relations, and regional cooperation and stability in the Balkans is of particular importance for the progress and prosperity of all the states, said Montenegrin President Filip Vujanovic.

At the opening of the Eurasian Economic Summit 2015, held in Istanbul, he said that the challenges facing humanity require concerted and determined action of all countries and international organizations.

“Global challenges bear the risk of spreading to the region and each country individually. Therefore, each state is obliged to help solving global challenges. That is why this Summit also has its actuality, and historically, geographically and culturally Istanbul is the right choice to host it”, said Vujanovic.

He believes that it is no doubt that the increasing interdependence in the world requires the strengthening of multilateralism within the United Nations.

“However, all other global and regional organizations have their own mission and value and they should contribute to the affirmation of peace and stability in the international community. The affirmation of good neighborly relations and regional cooperation are the responsibility of each individual state and the condition for global stability. Montenegro has just committed to such a policy so I want to emphasize here that this commitment is the constant of its policy by which it is recognized”, said Montenegrin President.

Stating that the stability of the Balkans is of particular importance for the progress of all states and prosperity of all their citizens, as well as entire Europe and the Mediterranean, Vujanovic said that it was the reason why Montenegro valued good neighborly relations and regional cooperation as the biggest foreign policy priorities.

“We are proud that we have close and friendly relations with neighbors and all countries of the region. Respect for human rights, including, of course, the rights of minorities, is also a strong commitment of Montenegro. This is not only due to the alignment with the highest international standards, but also with the aspiration to affirm model of harmonious democratic society that ensures freedom and dignity for all. As a traditional multi-national and multi-confessional society, I can proudly say that Montenegro is a successful example. It is proof that mutual respect among different nations and religions is a necessary basis for harmonious relations in a society”, said Vujanovic.

Noting that a successful economy is a prerequisite for stability, Vujanovic said that cooperation is of a capital importance.

“That’s another reason why I believe that the Eurasian Economic Summit is very important, especially in light of successful investment and economic cooperation that Turkey has in the countries of the region. They are the instrument in the function of common interest, and strengthen the stability of the region contributing to global stability”, said Vujanovic.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro