Public broadcaster to be independent

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Public services must be independent and protected from any inadequate influence and political pressure, said the head of the EU Delegation in Montenegro, Aivo Orav. He added that it is of crucial interest for democracy to enable journalists to freely report on “hot” issues.

At the regional conference “The Importance and Position of Research Journalism in Public Services in the Western Balkans”, held in Podgorica, Orav said that the program “Mehanizam” was an excellent example of investigative journalism, “which is quite rare in the region.”

“I am particularly pleased that the program enabled the formation of a research desk led by Mirko Boskovic. I hope that this program will not remain a rarity for a long time and that it will motivate broadcasters in the Western Balkans to consider the possibility of forming investigative newsrooms in their media houses, “Orav said.

He added that it was crucial for a democratic society to have journalists that report freely about “hot” topics, while respecting ethical standards.

“Public broadcasters should be the leaders of this process. They play a key role in shaping media space and the culture of journalism. That is why they have to adhere to highest ethical standards. That is also the reason why they should remain independent and protected from inappropriate influence and political pressure of any kind, “said the Head of the EU Delegation.

He added that the EU closely followed recent events regarding members of the RTCG Council.

“The council supported the founding of the research desk and I hope that will remain unchanged. We are proud to finance the Mehanizam, and you should be proud also, ” Orav said.

As he said, freedom of expression and media is one of the fundamental European values and a key element of Montenegro’s accession to the EU.

“Independent, pluralistic and powerful media are the basis of every society,” Orav said.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro