Putin seeks dominance in the Balkans

Russia’s president Vladimir Putin has “only one” requirement that must be fulfilled if Moscow is to join the global anti-terrorist coalition.

Putin demands from the West to recognize Russia’s dominance and the right of zone of interest in all the countries of the former Yugoslavia, the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact signatories, the Atlantic Alliance of Montenegro learned in a well-informed international circles.

President of the Atlantic Council of Montenegro Savo Kentera considers this Putin’s requirement irrational.

“First of all, even that Russia is not immune to terrorism. Yesterday it was confirmed that terrorists shot down their plane with 224 people. Now they are looking for a way to charge their own and then the tragedy that befell France. The peak of hypocrisy is that they want to charge their involvement in the international action against terrorism with other people’s countries, including Montenegro”, emphasizeed Kentera.

He believes that joining of Moscow to the global fight against terrorism is of great importance but points out that “the West will not accept this kind of crazy demands which can not possibly contribute to the strengthening of cooperation with Russia”.

According to international media reports, the President of France, Francois Hollande will next week visit Washington and Moscow to begin negotiations on the formation of a large anti-terrorist coalition.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro