Putin’s favorite Night Wolves arrive to Kotor tomorrow

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On the invitation of Matica Boka, representatives of Kozak club of Montenegro Moto club Night Wolves will visit Montenegro on Sunday September 11th, Dan daily writes. They will take part in holy liturgy in Church of Saint Nikola in Kotor. Afterwards, they will take pictures in front of Russian Consulate, and they will be received in Treasury of Serbian Orthodox Church in Kotor.

The gathering will be blessed by archpriest of Boka Bay Momčilo Krivokapić, and Kozak lieutenant Slobodan Pejović, along with Kozak representative for Serbia, Montenegro and Republika Srpska Vojislav Vidaković, Kozak general Genadij Jakovljević Temnjikov and Kozak general of Moscow Viktor Vladimirović Zaplatin.

Representative of Serbians from Macedonia Siniša Spasovski and from Kosovo Dragan Perić will also attend the gathering.

The club has been popular in Russia for years, due to their patriotic attitude and support to Kremlin. That, and their close ties to Russian Orthodox Church, made them an important influence in Russia’s political life.

They are favorites of Vladimir Putin, who had attended their gatherings several times as their honorary guest, driving Harley Davidson motorbikes.

Their patriotic attitude also made West furious with them. USA put sanctions against them in 2014, saying they took part in conflicts in Ukraine.

After they had announced a victory march on May 9th from Moscow to Berlin, as a celebration against fascism, Night Wolves were criticized by Poland and Germany, who had denied them entrance within their borders. Canada joined sanctions.

In order to become a member of this club, you need to be a man, citizen of some of the former Soviet Union states, or you need to be invited by a member, attend gatherings for two years, and be heterosexual. Religion, they say, is not of crucial importance for membership.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro