Putin’s people complained about Metropolitan Amfilohije

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The leaders of the State Duma and representatives of Putin’s United Russia party complained through political channels about the behavior of the Metropolitan of Montenegro and the Serbian Orthodox Church, Amflohije, for his role in organization of the All-Orthodox convention in Crete, Pobjeda daily heard from political and diplomatic circles.

The reason for their dissatisfaction is the decision of the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) to attend the vent in Crete despite strong opposition of the Russian church. Russians feel Amfilohije is behind this decision, because they believe he is pulling all the strings in the SPC.

The deterioration of relations between the Russian Orthodox Church and the Serbian Orthodox Church was first made public by leaders of the State Duma, Sergei Naryshkin and Sergei Zeljeznjak, who in separate meetings with representatives of opposition parties in both Montenegro and Serbia (held in late June this year), expressed deep disappointment with Amfilohije’s attitudes and practices.

“The views of Bishop Amfilohije are not in compliance with the Moscow Patriarchate. We expect the situation will be overcome soon”, Pobjeda’s source quoted the words of the Vice President of Russian Duma, Sergei Željeznjak, spoken at a meeting with representatives of opposition from Montenegro and Serbia.

Amfilohije’s views on the Crete event were discussed on the sidelines of the Congress of Putin’s party, which was held on June 25-26 in Moscow, at the same time as the event in question (18-26 June).

Representatives of Putin’s party then told opposition in Montenegro and Serbia that the Serbian Orthodox Church and the Russian Orthodox Church must act unique and be harmonized.

Putin’s Party Congress was attended by several parties from Montenegro: the Democratic People’s Party, New Serbian Democracy and the Socialist People’s Party, as well as representatives of the Serbian opposition parties – the Democratic Party of Serbia and Dveri.

The Congress adopted a declaration in which United Russia supports the idea of ​​an alliance of neutral Balkan states, but the official announcement did not say a word about the Church Parliament in Crete.

Metropolitan Amfilohije said after the Crete meeting that within Orthodoxy, especially between Moscow and the Constantinople Patriarchate, exist old and serious problems.

According to reliable information obtained by Pobjeda, Russians are also irritated by Amfilohije’s ecumenical statements and his good relation with the head of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Francis.

Sources close the daily say Metropolitan Amfilohije had a significant role in the fact that the Roman Catholic Church gave up the already announced canonization of the controversial Croatian priest, Alojzije Stepinac.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro