Putting the fire within the party out: Andrija Mandic expected to resign

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President of New Serbian democracy and one of the leaders of the Democratic front Andrija Mandic will most likely resign from Montenegrin parliament in upcoming days, it was told to Dnevne newspaper by a reliable source.

This move was in a way announced by Andrija Mandic himself in the Parliament two days ago. He said then that he will spend very little time in the parliament in upcoming period because he will devote himself to working on the field and meeting the citizens who support Democratic front.

Andrija Mandic couldn’t be reached by Dnevne newspaper yesterday because his phone numbers available to our aditorial staff were switched off, and he didn’t reply text messages either.

According to information received by Dnevne newspaper however, besides this, there are other reasons for this too. One of them is dissatisfaction of a high official of New Serbian democracy Radojica Zivkovic who expected to become a parliament member after Goran Danilovic from DF’s list and Demos became minister of internal affairs. According to our sources, that was the initial deal, but the one who joined the parliament was Budimir Aleksic.

In last several days Zivkovic requested the deal to be honored. President of the party decided to solve the problem himself by announcing that he will leave his parliamentary position and leave it for Zivkovic, in order to avoid nerovus reactions from high party officials prior to election.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro