Quality offer on Montenegro’s coast: Night lodging from 18 to 4.500 EUR

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Tourist workers and agencies claim that the interest for Montenegro is better than it was last year. There is a variety of accommodation offer. Prices in the hotels are such that May and June are cheaper than July and August, with September cheaper again. It is a rule for hoteliers.

President of sector of tourist agencies in Montenegrin Tourist Association and owner of the agency Cipa Travel Petar Ivković said to Pobjeda that hotels offer a wide variety of possibilities, depending on the region and type of service. Before the season, bed and breakfast in a hotel with three stars in Ulcinj, Sutomore and Čanj starts from 18 EUR, while in Budva the same category goes from 25 EUR.

According to the agency Globtur, Hotel Palma with three stars in Tivat offers lodging from 42 EUR, while Hotel Ruža vjetrova in Bar with four stars offers lodging from 104 EUR.

In Hotel Budva with four starts, situated at the seaside, lodging is 87 EUR, while in Hotel Olimpik with three stars in Ulcinj offers a night at 27 EUR. Hotel Slovenska plaža in Budva starts at 39 EUR per night, while in Maestral the price is 100 EUR.

During the season, prices go up 20% to 50%. They get discounted if you book your room online, and in hotels of Montenegro Stars, you could get a room from 87 EUR a night.

The most expensive accommodation is of course in villas Aman on Sveti Stefan, where the prices range from 3.000 to 4.500 EUR during the height of the season.

The cheapest accommodation is in private houses in Ulcinj, Sutomore and Čanj.

“In these places, accommodation before season ranges from 5 to 10 EUR a night, and in the season 8 to 15 EUR. In cities such as Budva, Petrovac, Sveti Stefan prices of private accommodation are 10 to 15 EUR before season, and 15 to 25 EUR during the season”, Ivković said.

However, he underlined, there is a large number of quality facilities in the private accommodation, with pools and additional content that does not fall behind hotels with three or four stars. In these objects prices are above average and go from 50 to 80 EUR a night.

President of Montenegrin Tourist Association Žarko Radulović said that prices represent the quality in hotels accurately.

“In 98% of the cases the prices are accurate for the service and accommodation”, he said.

Globally known and the biggest internet web page for searching hotel accommodation is Trivago, and it recently published a list of countries with best hotels in Europe. Montenegro has found a place among the top ten.

Hotel accommodation in Montenegro was characterized with a mark of 82,78, and we left behind ous other touristic countries such as Greece, that is in 17th spot with a mark of 81,96, Czech Republic and Cyprus, that is on spot 25 with a mark of 81,39. Montenero is in 7th place and it is followed by Hungary and Slovenia.

List of regional states is closed with Croatia in 12th place with a mark of 82,57. Trivago bases its list on tourists ratings from the hotels. By 2020, there should be 13% of 5 stars hotels in Montenegro and 38% of 4 stars hotels.

This is entailed within the Strategy of Sustainable Development of Tourism. There are 386 facilities in Montenegro right now that have the capacity of 39.820 beds.

“There are 7 hotels with 5 stars, and these are Splendid in Bečići,Aman Sveti Stefan on Sveti Stefan, Villa Miločer in Miločer, Villa Montenegro on Sveti Stefan, hotel Regent Porto Montenegro in Tivat, hotel Ziya in Podgorica and Forza Mare in Kotor, that have a total of 977 beds”, general director of Directorate for Touristic Development and Standard Olivera Brajović.

Of the total of 117 hotels with 4 stars, they have the capacity of 13.894 beds (30,31%). The most of them are in Budva, 34, and then Podgorica with 19 hotels, Kotor with 14, Herceg Novi with 10, Bar and Ulcinj have 7 hotels, and Tivat 6, while Žabljak and Nikšić have 4 hotels each.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro