Racković: This will be the most successful season so far

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A significant progress has been made in Montenegrin tourism during the last ten years, said Nebojša Racković, advisor in Ministry of Tourism.

“We are pleased with the way this season is shaping out, and we believe it will be the most successful so far. According to official data from Monstat, there were 5,6% more tourists in the first half of the year”, Racković said, RTCG Portal reports.

Air traffic increased for 9,7% in the first seven months of 2016, he said.

“Tunnel Sozina had 19,34% more traffic, and an increase in profit for 16,1%“, Racković said.

National Parks of Montenegro have sold 2,6% more entrance tickets compared to last year.

Racković said that in the future the North needs to be more developed, and there needs to be more air traffic.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro